A New Star Trek – Discovery

So I have just watched the latest trailer for the new Star Trek series that’s coming out in 2017.  If you haven’t seen it yet – here you go:

My initial impression (as is the initial impression of the calm and reasonable folks that make up YouTube commenters) is that… the ship looks god awful.  I mean… I get it – it can’t look too modern and streamlined because it has to fit neatly between certain time periods in the Star Trek universe.

Side note – I initially thought that this was to sit between the Original Series and Next Generation – but that might be off slightly – it may sit between the Original Series and the Original Series movies.

Anyway, getting back to this new ship, the U.S.S. Discovery.  So yeah, I think they did a really bad job on the design of the ship.


I’m so needing a new Star Trek series.  I watched Star Trek Voyager from start to finish.  Then I watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine from start to finish.  I found myself missing it.  I hear the iconic music when the camera pans across the bow of the ship and I get goosebumps.  And I don’t know exactly why – like seriously I don’t get it.  But there’s something that draws me to the series, to the ships, to the characters – that I can’t seem to get enough of.  I can’t wait to see the new movie (which just came out a few days ago), but the movies have a different taste then the series.  The series can build more on the characters and really build great stories that don’t involve the ship blowing up every episode.

So, I will give the poor ship design a pass – I’ll even give the fact that CBS is either planning on burying it on CBS All Access.  Or they feel pretty confident that they will recoup the production costs on new user subscriptions on their streaming platform based on Trek fans flocking to pick up the service.  I just hope it does well enough to continue on for a few years, or spawn something even greater. Please CBS…. please do it right.  Trek fans need this.


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